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This website has been set up to try and document exactly what is going on above our heads, day in day out in the United Kingdom. Look at the Photographs with an enquiring mind and ask yourself if what you are seeing are normal aircraft contrails. If you think they are, then I would ask you to look again. The C.A.A. have looked at some of the Photographs and said "Our view is that is unlikely that the pollution haze that you report as having been formed over your locality by crossing aircraft has, in fact, been formed by those particular aircraft". The C.A.A. are just responsible for Civil aircraft.
The United Kingdom Met-Office have this to say regarding Condensation Trails:
"Over Great Britain they rarely form below 28,000 ft in summer and 20,000 ft in winter".
I think you will find that either the Met-Office are completely and utterly wrong, or I am photographing rare events, week in, week out.
If you are still sceptical regarding what's going on, take a look at the following document:
Millions of Brits Exposed
                        Asked whether such tests are still being carried out, she said:
                                 "It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research".
Ignore this at your peril.
Updated September 9th
This website will continue to document photographic evidence until the day when it is scientifically proved that Chemtrails do not exist and are merely a figment of the skies imagination. Until that day...
Perpetrators in Action.
Well worth a visit..
Barium glow in Chemtrail
Chemically produced Skies.
X marks the Satellite spot.
Spray through Chemcorona.
Chemical Souflee sunset over Lancashire.
Democracy in Action.
Chemtrails over the United Kingdom
Al + Ba  =
                                   Differences Between Contrails and Chemtrails

What is going on? Biowarfare testing? Mass inocculation? Weather modification? It should be noted that normal contrails can sometimes exhibit many of the same or similar traits often ascribed to the chemtrails. Changing weather conditions can play a factor; even normal contrails can persist and expand into a cirrus-like haze under the right conditions. If a contrail is observed doing this, one should not assume the contrail in question to be a chemtrail. Air currents, temperature, etc. will affect both types of contrails in more or less similar ways, as they are all still contrails. The difference would appear to be in their makeup (one water vapour / ice crystals, the other chemicals). The key observable differences seem to be the numbers of contrails observed at one time, sometimes with dozens crossing the sky in all directions, the parallel ("like rows in a cornfield"), X and cross-hatch patterns which do not correspond to normal air traffic routes, the "billowing" nature of some of the contrails into thicker cloud cover, the glowing Barium effect, the chemical corona that forms around the sun, the lower than normal altitude of many of these contrails (often well below the  normal altitude of 30,000 to 45,000 feet) and the behaviour / appearance of the aircraft involved (up to several planes flying at once, often crossing back and forth over the same area for hours at a time, and usually painted white or silver with no identifying markings; also, during these spraying runs, the "chemtrails" have sometimes been observed emanating directly from nozzles attached to the rear of the aircraft, and not coming from the engines or wingtips as with normal contrails).
Chemtrail turning.
Spreading the Chem
Chempilots flying circus
Chemcorona forms around the sun
Chemtrails over Wales
Satellite catches the aftermath.
Chemtrails over Lancashire
Chemtrails over Sunderland
Chemtrails over Southport
Chemtrails over Cornwall
Chemtrails over Reading
See no Evil, hear no Evil, speak no Evil
Light scattering pigment powder particles, surface treated to minimize in particle cohesive forces are dispensed from a jet mill deagglomorator as separate single particles to produce a powder contrail having maximum visibility or radiation scattering ability for a given weight material.  (US Navy Powder 'Contrail' Patent US1974000490610)
Chemtrails over Gloucester