The following photos were taken quite recently above Sunderland by a contributor. See e-mail below.


Just came across your site today and I was very pleased to finally find a site dedicated to the UK.

I'm in Sunderland (Northern England) and have been noticing trails over the last few weeks.  There does seem to be a pattern that spraying takes place from Monday through to Wednesday or Thursday and then nothing again until the following Monday.  Most days here at the moment are starting off in glorious sunshine early on, spraying is in evidence from around 9am onwards, then the day starts changing to cloud.  I am a longterm hayfever sufferer, however my symptoms remain consistent from year to year.  During the last fortnight I have been experiencing what I at first thought was almost hayfever overdose!, but do think may be attributed to spraying.

Basically, I'm having constant trouble with heavy sinus problems, including my ears which are never usually affected, extremely dry itchy irritated eyes, and on one day I could not talk without wheezing and was having extreme difficulty in my attempts at breathing, even through my mouth which had the benefit of not being clogged up. :)  I felt like how I imagine a 90 year old with severe lung problems to feel.  I am 26 and in excellent health.

I'm not sure if things aren't going to plan for whoever is spraying, but for some reason we don't seem to get the multiple trails such as X's, circles and tic-tac-toe shapes (as I have seen on the net) in this particular area.  We tend to see one long trail in one part of the sky, with the next visible trail being some miles away in another part of the sky.  I have seen on a few occasions double trails.

I do live on the flightpath for planes coming in to Newcastle airport, although we are still some 15 - 20 miles away (I don't know the exact mileage sorry).  Normally you can hear commercial planes flying over and see them quite clearly, and judge that they are headed to Newcastle.  Recently commercial craft have been flying over at very low heights, almost as if they are just a mile or two away from the airport.  Coincidentally, the chemtrails have been appearing just above the normal flightpath of commercial assumes the commercial planes are being "advised" to come in low.

I've attached some photos of what I have managed to snap so far.  Unfortunately I have been headed to work when I have seen the best examples and didn't have my camera with me.  I won't inundate you with stuff, but if I see anything that's "over the top" I'll try to snap it and send it to you.

I was VERY interested to read that you have tried to contact Channel4 and other people about chemtrails.  Within the last few weeks I myself have sent emails to a US Airforce Base (910 Squadron who have spraying facilities, according to their website), a Sunderland University Professor (in weather) and to the Met Office, basically bringing the "phenomenon" to their attention and seeking their opinions on the matter.

The only reply I have had was from the Met Office.  The Duty Manager (whatever that is) replied to say he had no personal experience of the phenomena, but would pass my email on to someone else.  This "someone else" has not contacted me.

I have had no further replies.

Personally I have a very open mind as to what is going on up there.  It's pointless for me to hazard a guess as to what "they" are up to (whoever "they" are), however I am smart enough to acknowledge that there is most certainly something going on, whether it's for our "benefit" or not.

I'm surprised by how few people actually realise what they could see in the sky above their heads if they would only look up every once in a while....

This stuff is all over the internet now and it's growing increasingly inevitable that some brave journalist or reporter is going to "break" the story in the mainstream media.  Channel4 do indeed broadcast some pretty decent expose type shows every once in a while and this is the kind of thing I would imagine they would want to cover.

Anyway, I hope you can make use of the photos on your site (they are a bit big in size though, hence the compression).

All the best,

Name witheld.    (30th June 2002)

Hi John,

Following what I said about not wanting to inundate you with photos, I didn't expect to be emailing you again so soon.  However, today I've seen (and heard) some quite extraodinary things (for this part of the world at least). It has been very cloudy/raining heavily here in Sunderland for the last two days (Monday and Tuesday) so I haven't seen any of what is now predicted activity at the start of a week. Today (Wednesday) started off very sunny and pretty hot and the skies were clear, so guess what ?  They're back.
Earlier this morning, around 10 - 11, I noticed what seems to be the norm here, i.e. sporadic trails in different parts of the sky.  I've seen some quite outstanding examples of multiple trails on the net from different parts of the world, and to be honest I wasn't really prepared to see this in person.  As I had seen a few trails earlier in the day I've been sitting around the house (I'm on leave from work) with the windows open and no music or tv switched on, so if there was anything to be heard I would hear it. I tell you what I did hear today:  a very large thunderclap which echoed around the sky, while there were very few clouds to be seen - and none of which were dark like "lighteningclouds" or "thunderclouds".  I'm not sure if this was connected (has anybody else ever reported this??) but it was unusual to say the least.
Anyway, closer to lunchtime I looked out from a first floor window and was shocked that to the east I could see multiple trails (see pics img035.bmp and img040.bmp).  I had not heard any planes in the sky and the trails were relatively close.  Note how the trails curve (to their right on the photos), evidence that planes (or plane) we're heading on the same course and changing direction at the same points.  I stood for about 15 minutes looking at this and reeling off photos on the digital camera (they all look pretty much the same) and at one point I did actually see a single plane "laying down" a line.  This plane did not appear to be very big in size, unless my perception of it's distance was incorrect.  From the "viewpoint" of a person without a great deal of knowledge about aircraft I would say that it was most definitely not any sort of "supertanker" as is referred to by many sites.  The plane disapeared behind a light haze in the distance.  The trail
stopped at this point and I did not see the plane re-emerge. I'm not suggesting it just disappeared (although it certainly looked like it did!),
but it did look quite small and perhaps had a small turning circle.
The next activity I saw took place about 45 minutes later in a further eastern position.  I live about five miles from the coast and I estimate
that the trails must have been at least a further two or three miles beyond that. Unfortunately my camera does not have any zoom facilities so it was impossible to get a really good photo, however the final photo (npimg.bmp) was about the best I could get.  If you look just below the cloud (just off centre) you should see the trail.  It was being "laid down" from South to North (from right to left on the photo).  If you follow the trail it appears to "tail off" to it's left. This was not the end of the trail, it was the "craft" where continuing their flight.  I say craft because I could not even see anything that was creating the trail !!! It is impossible for you to tell from the photo, but it appeared that four
seperate trails were being laid very close to each other, in formation. As I said, this appeared to be taking place many miles away (the lack of a horizon on the photo betrays how far away they were) so it may be that the planes were just too small to see with the naked eye.  (I have had to enlarge this photo for the trail to stand out and was forced to crop parts of it for size purposes).  It was however extremely unnerving to see trails appearing in the sky without anything at the head of them...
At the time of writing this (16:00) the sky is again mostly clear, as a light wind has picked up and appears to be heading towards
south-west.  As I suggested in my earlier email, either things are not going to plan for whoever is doing this here, or they simply do not know what they are doing. The skies generally get cloudier, but we just don't seem to get the really bad total cloud cover as seen in other parts of the world following sprayings. I have been thinking about the second sprayings I witnessed, which appeared to take place over the North Sea.  I thought at first that this (spraying over the sea) may be something that has not been witnessed before and people are not aware of, suggesting that it isn't necessarily humans on dry land that are being targetted.  (I have certainly seen no reports of over-sea
spraying). But then I started to think about the wind that has picked up this afternoon, and the direction it is headed in (South-West).
Perhaps "they" had full knowledge of how the weather would shape up towards the end of the day and intentionally sprayed over the sea so that the wind would carry the resulting mess back over land ?  Like I said, the sky is (mostly) clear over Sunderland right now, but I wonder what it looks like say thirthy miles south-west of here, which just happens to be well inland. Being right on the North Sea it's an extremely windy place, even in summer, so perhaps the intention has never been to target this particular area, hence the spraying over here without the resulting mass of clouds.

All the best,
Name witheld.
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