The following photo was taken on 2nd March 2002 above Southport and following a spate of sprayings, the gentleman in question has sent a letter to the environment departments in Warrington and Preston. See letter below.

June 28th 2002


Dear Sir,

Many residents here are now starting to notice the thick white chemical trails criss-crossing the skies of Liverpool and Southport.

Normal fuel vapour at low altitude levels from aircraft evaporates over 40-50seconds, these trails are lasting for hours and often days. Today there were around 5 high flying airliners only flying over Manchester leaving no vapour trails lasting longer then 5 seconds, meanwhile all the other lower flying planes at exactly the same time, around 5-10,000 feet maybe, but at cloudlevel, all leave thick white trails that eventually spread out to fill the sky and block out the sun. We also had a huge circular chemical halo around the sun like a chemical rainbow at 2PM in the centre of Southport.

2000 websites in the US especially are convinced that USAF planes are spraying aluminium powder to deflect the suns rays and reduce global warming, is the UK RAF doing this over Southport and Liverpool? These planes have been flying virtually every day this year since early March when they were first noticed by residents here. If this is not a military issue, which civilian planes are flying this frequently over Southport when Southport is not a busy routefrom Manchester, Blackpool or Liverpool airports?

They always come in from the Irish Sea flying to Liverpool and return the same way.
Also the visual trails switch on as they cross the coast line, and switch off in the same area when they fly out to sea, I have watched and photographed this happening. This is not fuel vapour.

The skies over Southport today (June 28th) changed in 5 hours from 8AM 1PMfrom clear blue to a white haze, is there any way you can investigate what the aircraft are spraying to cause this? If it is really aluminium powder, the health risks are frightening.

As I write this the sky over Churchtown has 5 planes overhead laying these trails.
If you do not believe the evidence of the photos enclosed, would you like to send a video film crew to document how the normally pollution free blue clear skies of our town are being turned into a white haze on an almost daily basis?

Name witheld.