The following photographs and text were posted at by an American living in Penzance.
I am from North America, but live here in England at the present time, so, I have not seen the chemtrails that are being reported all over US skies there, and, until Thursday of last week, I was skeptical but open-minded about the controversy.
On July 18,02, beginning at 10.30am, several jet trails were being laid down across the skies of Cornwall in a criss-cross checkerboard pattern by several low-flying jets. These photos taken were from the town of Penzance.
These trails eventually blended together filling the sky with a grey blanket, which lasted the entire day. Picture 6 was taken just before sunset as the blanket of grey began to breakup, about 21.30 GMT.
As observed in the past, normally a jet contrail disipates within minutes, even at the great height they fly at and minus temperatures. Why are these jet-trails, which are obviously lower than a passenger jet not doing so? Who is flying these aircraft and for what purpose?
In speaking with a friend in a neighbouring town just yesterday, it was mentioned that the older gentleman living next door suffered an asthma attack just days after this aerial obscuration. This part of England does observe the cleanest air and regional environment. In the interest to the local press and authorities, a blanket email has been sent out with the attachment of photographs shown. I am currently writing to you under an assumed name for personal safety. Larger versions of the images are available if the ones I've sent do not suffice.
Thank you very much! A concerned citizen,
D. Sahara