I contacted the C.A.A. by e-mail on 8th July 2002 to lodge a serious complaint regarding the Aircraft pollution being encountered over Preston and Leyland and asking them to look at the Photographic evidence and also the timings of the Photos to see if they could shed any light on the situation. I received a detailed reply in response on 10th July 2002 and regarding the pollution, this is what they had to say:

Our view is that is unlikely that the pollution haze that you report as having been formed over your locality by crossing aircraft has, in fact, been formed by those particular aircraft.  Given the mixing effect of the upper winds, which are at much greater strength than the surface wind, pollution haze would be caused by a number of factors; the totality of aircraft movements over the UK and, more locally and perhaps more significantly, vehicle exhaust emissions build-up.
Evidence 2002
The C.A.A. are basically saying that the Civilian aircraft that have crossed over Preston and Leyland on the given dates could not be responsible. The C.A.A. are only responsible for Civilian Aircraft, not military.
One of my correspondents spotted an interesting Photograph on the Met-Office website and brought it to my attention, due to Copyright restriction I am unable to publish it on the website, however please feel free to check it out yourselves by clicking on the following link:   Contrails?
An e-mail was sent to the Met-Office asking if this particular photograph was taken over an Airshow?
Here is the response:
Thank you for your email. It does indeed look like it was taken at an airshow. However as they are vapour trails the aircraft must have been flying at a considerable altitude, not an altitude that would be good for viewing aircraft at an airshow. It looks more like it was taken on a busy commercial aircraft route, maybe at an airport.


Name Witheld.

I think you can all come to your own conclusions regarding the photograph and the explanation!
                             Greenhouse gases or weather modification?
Indian scientist blames US military for failure of monsoon rains A scientist claims
the war in Afghanistan is partly to blame for the failure of the monsoon in parts of India
A scientist claims the war in Afghanistan is partly to blame for the failure of the monsoon in parts of India.
The chief scientific officer at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences in New Delhi says large volumes of greenhouse gases have been released by US warplanes.
Murari Lal believes the war has contributed significantly to the global warming factors he says are behind the low rainfall.
He told the Press Trust of India: "The injection of large amount of greenhouse gases and aerosols over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Arabian Sea by US fighter planes during the Afghanistan war in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere contributed to significantly deficient rainfall over north-west and central India."
Colin Powells admittance regarding tactics against global warming at the Johannesburg conference 2002
"The United States is taking action to meet environmental challenges, including global climate change, not just rhetoric," Powell said as the protesters erupted in more boos and the police removed about a dozen. "We are committed to a multibillion-dollar program to develop and deploy advanced technologies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions."
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