The following photo was taken on 7th August 2002 over the River Severn in Gloucestershire
Hi John,

Yes you can publish the photo on the website, but I would prefer to remain
anon for now.

It's good to see someone like yourself has the initiative to set a web site
up specifically for the UK.

I live near the River Severn and I've been seeing trails like the one in the photo I sent you pretty much 4-5 times a week now for 6-8 months. I started noticing something odd in the skies above my house about 2 years ago. Early one summers morning in year 2000 I saw two aircraft at fairly high altitude
flying almost side by side. From behind them came what at first appeared a conventional contrail, but I noticed that the trails seemed to stay in the sky longer than they should and fanned out to become cloud like. (Having lived about 15 miles away from Gatwick airport in my youth, I was fairly used to seeing 'normal' contrails. I can remember as a kid watching the trails disintegrate in the atmosphere amazed at how they vaporized). Although intrigued by what I saw in the summer of 2000, it was not until
early this year that I read for the first time about Chemtrails on the Internet. To be honest I was a bit sceptical at first, thinking that it was just the Americans being a bit paranoid. But as this year has progressed I have come to realise that it was not paranoia and I now find myself
struggling to believe what I have seen here in the skies of Gloucestershire. I've seen bright clear mornings lost to the chemical haze that comes from these aircraft. I've seen lane upon lane sprayed above the Severn that then mingle together to form this 'chem' haze, blocking the view I have of the
Severn Bridge. But most freakish of all was the day I saw a trail being laid above my house
and I saw a black line in front of the aircraft that was laying the trail. Almost as if the plane was following the black line. Weird!!

Although I, like yourself, know that the authorities that are doing this will never admit to it, I personally believe they are spraying the atmosphere with a chemical that lessens the effect the Suns UV rays. (I've heard barium salts from somewhere, but I don't know exactly what it does). Check out The guy who runs that site is convinced that our Sun is undergoing a massive change.(The Sun is now 13 years in to its normal 11 cycle of high level activity).  On the site are photos from the NASA satellite, SOHO - obviously without the NASA attitude of "everything's normal". What these photos from the satellite show are the massive flares, CME's etc that are taking place on the Sun right now. Every time one of the images shows a massive disturbance on the Sun, I can guarantee you
that their will be heavy spraying taking place immediately after. So my thoughts are that the authorities, be it NATO or whoever, will never tell us officially what is going on as it would cause world wide panic if
we were to suddenly be told that Planet Earth is losing the atmospheric conditions it needs to protect itself from the Suns rays.

Having said that though through sites like yours we must continue to push the message across to people that our lives are being played with here. Plus mankind has the right to know what is really happening to our planet at the moment.
Anyway I can provide you with plenty more photos if you want, and I look
forward to seeing what you can achieve with the website.

Cheers for now,